Download a copy of the Well-being Plan for Torfaen 2018 - 2023 here.

Public Services Board Scrutiny

Under the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, public services boards must have particular areas of work scrutinised by the relevant local authority overview and scrutiny arrangements. In Torfaen, a PSB O&S committee has been set up comprising the Chairs of the other O&S committees thus covering the widest range of business.

The PSB O&S must scrutinise draft assessments of well-being, draft well-being plans and decisions made by the PSB in respect of these documents and other areas of their partnership business. The O&S committee cannot scrutinise any PSB partner on their core organisational business but only that relevant to the PSB plans and agenda.

Torfaen PSB O&S scrutinised the draft assessment of well-being on 12th January 2017. You can view the report pack for 12th January 2017 here.

The Recommendations Report made by the committee with the officer response, can be seen here.

Torfaen PSB O&S scrutinised the draft Well-being Plan on 8thNovember 2017 and 8th February 2018. You can view the report pack for 8th November 2017 and the report pack for 8th February 2018 here.

The recommendations reports made by the committee can be seen here: